Miami Heat - New Years Resolution


MIAMI HEAT – Current Record (11-27) / Since Last Time (2-10) Resolution: Deal Dragic, tank it out It’s fair to say the Goran Dragic trade hasn’t really worked out for the Heat. While Dragic himself is having one of his better career seasons, the Heat have slumped to one of the worst teams in the league – with 2 x 1st rounders owing to PHX over the next few years. It would be worthwhile seeing what Goran would fetch in the trade market, and perhaps looking to excise his contract from the books (despite it being relatively palatable in today’s NBA). With the top of the 2017 Draft loaded with PG’s (Miami owns their ’17 pick), and potentially HUGE cap space in 2017 Free Agency, Miami will be looking to reload quickly – and getting a pick and player for Goran may well be the best way forward for the rebuild.