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Jordan Clarkson fined $15K for throwing forearm at Goran Dragic

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NBA fines Lakers guard for his actions but not Dragic.

NBA: Miami Heat at Los Angeles Lakers Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

After the Goran Dragic ejection against the Los Angeles Lakers on Friday in what Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra called a “disgrace”, the NBA has chosen to fine Jordan Clarkson $15,000 for his actions during the scuffle that took place in the third quarter.

The announcement made by Kiki VanDeWeghe, Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations, makes no mention of a fine for Dragic, who was also ejected along with Clarkson in a winnable game that soon turned into an eventual Lakers blowout victory.

The NBA has posted video of the incident on their site.

After the game, Spoelstra spoke out about the officiating.

"It's really shameful, disgraceful that Goran Dragic got thrown out of that game," Spoelstra told reporters, including Ira Winderman of the Sun-Sentinel, outside the visitors locker room at Staples Center. "Gets an elbow to his face, somebody that wants to fight, knocks him down on the ground and just a bailout, shameful, disgraceful ejection.

"There's no way he should be thrown out of that situation for just taking an elbow to the face and getting up, not even necessarily defending himself, just getting up. But, at that point, it's an eight-point game and we just pretty much let it go from there."

Dragic left that night without comment but was still incredulous the following day at practice with regards to the ejection.

“The video don’t lie,” he said to Winderman. “I was surprised, if I'm honest. He was the aggressor and I got ejected. I didn't play the end. But that's in the past.”