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Zach Lowe predicts Heat trade Winslow and a big salary for tax reasons

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Lowe predicts Heat will do something to deal with next season’s salary explosion.

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Zach Lowe in “32 crazy predictions: LeBron's future, a bunch of trades and more” has one trade involving the Miami Heat.

“Miami trades Justise Winslow and a big salary”

With Josh Richardson's extension, Miami is already over next season's tax. This is their easiest path out of cap prison: use Winslow as a sweetener to get off a bigger salary, and nab something useful in return.

Main culprit in this dilemma comes from the huge bump in Tyler Johnson’s salary next year and the multitude of contracts signed over the summer. His solution is not a pretty one for Heat fans.

Among my favorite versions of this: Winslow and Dion Waiters to the Pacers in exchange for Bojan Bogdanovic (on a semi-expiring contract), Cory Joseph, and perhaps some throw-in to make Miami feel less crappy about punting on Winslow.

Lowe knows this scenario will not go over well in Miami, despite the fact the Heat liked Bogdanovic enough to pick him in the 2011 draft.

That return would enrage Heat fans, but Winslow's trade value is at rock bottom after a lost season. Richardson has passed him in the team's hierarchy. Miami needs a true backup point guard, and Joseph is among the league's very best.

Tyler Johnson’s toxic contract makes it practically immovable, unless Tyler has a $19 million year in 2017-18.

The deal requires Indiana to love Waiters, and that is where it might fall apart. That is where any deal exchanging expiring money for long-term contracts falls apart. Indiana isn't touching the last two years of Tyler Johnson‘s deal, at $19 million a pop. James Johnson's contract is too hefty for most teams.

He’s right that the deal is a crazy prediction and would not sit well with a Miami team that is as closely knit as this one. However business is business, and assets are assets.

Deal won’t happen if Winslow fulfills his potential NOW.

The players know what the situation is for next season. They’ll be playing their tail offs to become indispensable for the team.


Win the Eastern Conference Finals and the heck with taxes: Miami Heat are worth premium prices.