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One play says it all about the opening night Miami loss in Orlando

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Defense leads to offense - for the Orlando Magic.

NBA: Miami Heat at Orlando Magic Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Surrendering 126 points in a game looks more like the 11-30 Miami Heat, than the 30-11 team of last season. One play illustrates how the Heat mantra of defense leading to offense was used against them, time and time again in the disappointing loss against the Orlando Magic.

The action starts with an Aaron Gordon block at the rim against Dion Waiters. The same Gordon then immediately sprints down the court, easily beating Kelly Olynyk for an uncontested finish at the rim.

@Double0AG does it all!

Basically Gordon out-hustled the entire Miami Heat defense all by himself. Notice five Heat defenders going back to protect the basket, but Elfrid Payton managed to thread a pass through all of them to an open Gordon, who outsmarted five Heat players on his cut to the basket.

Perhaps an Okaro White or Jordan Mickey would have been quick enough to catch the speeding Gordon, but the unit on the floor was way too slow in comparison, and Frank Vogel knew it. His plan of defending the rim and outrunning the slower Miami players worked to perfection for the opening night win.

Other teams see this sequence and will use the exact same concept against the Heat for the next 81 games. Scoring 109 points wins most games for Miami, but a porous defense gives that back and more.