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Chris Bosh spotted at Lakers practice with GM

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Why is a great question...

NBA: Playoffs-Miami Heat at Charlotte Hornets Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Former Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh was spotted at the practice of the L.A. Lakers on Tuesday, hanging out with GM Rob Pelinka.

Bosh, 33, was determined to be medically retired by a board of doctors through the NBPA earlier this year. He was then waived by the Heat and his salary removed from the cap. Bosh since his diagnosis has cleared the air with the Heat that led to his release.

So why was he at the Lakers practice?

Well, before his official retirement, he left CAA to sign with Landmark Sports in November of 2016. Lakers GM Rob Pelinka was still in charge at the agency at that time.

Pelinka since then was hired as the general manager of the Lakers in March 2017. Bosh is still represented by Landmark, even though he is retired at the moment. Bosh has vowed to make a return and not end his career as such. But that seems like a long-shot knowing that he has to have a significant medical change and then be approved by a board of doctors to play again.

It’s more complicated than a team just wanting to sign him. He needs significant clearance to even have the ability to do so.

But it is also entirely possible that Bosh would find his way to some type of work with another NBA team. He has a relationship with Pelinka, so that’s why he initially is at practice. Who knows what they talked about or what the agenda was.

The Heat have plans to retire Bosh’s jersey, but there’s been no word on any other position being in his future.

Either way, I’m sure it was nice for Bosh to be back at a NBA practice. He spent some time talking with former teammate Luol Deng.

We still wish him the best.