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Heat unveil “Hardwood Classic” Jerseys

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Miami has unveiled their Hardwood Classic jerseys for this season.

The Heat are going old school. By that I mean they’ve unveiled their new alternate jerseys for this season. These jerseys replicate the jerseys Miami used in the 90s made famous by the Zo and Tim Hardaway Heat teams. Miami wore a white variation of these in 2016, but these are their first “throwback” style jerseys of the Nike era.

White Jersey in 2016

The Heat last wore the black throwback jerseys during the Big Three Era. My first impressions are that they look very good, though the ad patch kind of throws off the 90s feel. The jerseys are available for purchase from the Miami Heat store (only Dragic and Whiteside thus far). According to Justise Winslow, the Miami Vice style jerseys shouldn’t be far behind.