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Heat & Bulls: 5 Questions with SB Nation Blog A Bull

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Here’s five questions with fellow SB Nation site Blog a Bull in advance of tonight’s Heat and Bulls.

NBA: Playoffs-Chicago Bulls at Boston Celtics Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

I took some time to ask Blog a Bull, the SB Nation site for the Chicago Bulls about the team and tonight’s matchup. Vejay Vemu gave us the answers, so enjoy!

1. We are all kinda curious, what is the direction of the Chicago Bulls right now?

Well, as of right now it’s looking pretty bleak as it’s clear Chicago is tanking for a high draft pick in the upcoming NBA Draft. They are going to be really, really, bad and right now, it’s tough seeing them winning more than 22-24 games this season. That’s going to be the direction of the franchise for the next couple of seasons. Tanking for picks and developing the young core they have right now. What will happen after that will depend on what the front office does in terms of free agency moves and trying to develop a contender from the bottom up. But as of right now, it’s nowhere but down for Chicago.

2. Are you glad the Bulls bought out Dwyane Wade or would you rather he be there right now?

This is honestly a very tough one cause there are positives to both sides. On one hand it was great to see the Bulls buyout Wade and essentially admit the mistake they made in signing him to a lucrative contract last offseason. Wade still made his money but the total cost Chicago had to shell out was insane and something that should have never been done in the first place. Buying out Wade gives Chicago some financial flexibility moving forward and also opens up minutes for the younger players. The flip side to that is Wade wasn’t exactly good when playing for Chicago, which if you think about it, helps a tanking team. Winning games isn’t the priority for the Bulls right now and in the role he was expected to play, it’s tough to say Wade was going to make Chicago a much better team. Yeah he would will them to a couple of wins at the most but overall, not much impact would be there. So overall, I’m happy Chicago bought out Dwyane Wade’s contract. Go let him chase a ring.

3. What's the Bulls biggest advantage against the Heat?

If there is any advantage Chicago has against most teams in the NBA, it will be on the boards. As of right now, Chicago is 6th in the league in terms of rebounds per game averaging 47 per game. With Hassan Whiteside hampered, this could be one of the two ways I see Chicago possibly giving Miami fits. If they slow down the temp of the game and make it a really ugly game. Another way is if they can hit the vast number of three-pointers they attempt. It’s more likely that the first option takes place.

4. Which player on the Heat will cause the biggest headache for the Bulls?

Given how bad the Bulls backcourt rotation has been, the real threat on the Heat is Goran Dragic. He’s been one of the best, if not the best, player for Miami this year. Against a point guard who’s averaging 19.8 points per game with a 55.3 eFG%, it’s going to be really tough for Jerian Grant to guard him. Kris Dunn might have some success but he’s still rusty after coming back from a finger injury. Chicago has struggled with containing point guards for the past two seasons and if Dragic can get into the paint and start plays from there, it’s going to be a long night for the Bulls.

5. What's your prediction for the game?

I honestly think Chicago keeps this semi close for like a quarter or so but eventually the Heat are going to pull away and hand the Bulls another loss. Tank on.