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Utah reported a Philly Cheese sighting as Jazz fans gasped seeing Gobert go down

Heat faithful who went to bed early missed a thrilling come from behind finish in Miami’s favor.

NBA: Miami Heat at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Skipping the usual recap of the Miami Heat versus the Utah Jazz game, and let's give credit to the master puppeteer who pulled the strings for his team's second double-digit win in row.

When your simplified offense approach works

Joel Embiid had a comment about the first half numbers of Hassan Whiteside, Josh Richardson and Justise Winslow.

And keep caring about stats and not your team success..... your +/- was ass

In the second half the game plan worked to perfection as Richardson extended his steal streak to 7 games, the 7-11 combination of Goran Dragic and Dion Waiters opened back up for business, and Whiteside dominated the paint. Notably without the starting backcourt handling the ball, the Heat struggled to generate much of anything.

Plus Minus

Dion Waiters 1 23 22 24
Goran Dragic -8 31 39 23
Hassan Whitside -15 20 35 5
James Johnson 1 -1 -2 0
Josh Richardson -18 22 40 4
Justise Winslow -13 10 23 -3
Kelly Olynyk 3 2 -1 5
Tyler Johnson -3 12 15 9
Wayne Ellington -8 -9 -1 -17
AVERAGE -7 12 19 6

Rudy Gobert getting banged up in the third period made him more cautious for the rest of the game, and could have been a factor in his team’s second-half no show.

NOOOOOOOOO!!!! Rudy Gobert taken off the court as Dion Waiters runs into Rudy Gobert's knee.

Gobert viewed the collision as a “dirty play” per media accounts.

“It feels better than it looked on the video,” Gobert said. “I think it was a dirty play, but no matter what the most important thing is to keep getting better and to win tomorrow."

“He just dove right into my knee,” Gobert described. “Kind of like the same thing that happened before on my MCL so my knee just went inside and kind of popped inside and back out.”

Luckily Dion Waiters escaped injury to his ankle for his Dwyane Wade impersonation against the Jazz.

completely took over the down the stretch! Again!

Watch it. Enjoy it.

A few days ago Whiteside had his own unique take on Waiters heroics.

The late-night dramatics overshadowed how adaptable the Heat were in their last two double-digit wins. They scored the most points this season against the Phoenix Suns. In the very next game Miami held their opponent, the Jazz, to their lowest point total this season. The ability to flip the switch from offense to defense speaks volumes about versatility.

In 28 minutes with Dragic and Waiters on the floor tonight, the Heat had a Defensive Rating of 51.8.

Read that again.

The next game, which pits Miami against a surprising Detroit Pistons team with Andre Drummond, will test the perception of both teams as legitimate playoff contenders.

Meanwhile the Sioux Falls Skyforce defeated the Delaware 87ers, 111-107, featuring mixed results by Heat prospects. AJ Hammons still occupies a spot on Miami's 15-man roster, with no decision yet on his status with the team.

3-point specialist Matt Williams Jr, who is on a two-way contract, shot a dismal 2 for 11 from downtown. Larry Drew II had 9 assists, while Erik McCree put up a solid stat line of 20 points, 10 rebounds, 3 assists, and 3 blocks.

McCree scored 29 points in the opening night victory.

From McCree’s AAU days at an under-the-radar school, Louisiana Tech, seems like he was born to score with either hand. By the way he has an NBA body at 6’8”, 225 lbs and was signed by the Heat last September.

With out knowing anything about this player: When you have a 3 ball, a mid range game, a post game and you are a straight line attacker off the catch and off the jab step, you have the ability to put up BIG scoring totals.