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Heat throttled by Pacers, lose 120-95

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Despite a competitive first half, Miami completely fell apart in the second allowing the Pacers to take advantage and secure the win.

NBA: Indiana Pacers at Miami Heat Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It was the Pacers who would control things early, as Myles Turner scored the first two buckets of the game. The Heat would soon find their bearings, with John Richardson and Hassan Whiteside getting on the board. Unfortunately, Miami’s defense was atrocious to start and Indiana feasted inside the key. Luckily, the Heat would find spark on offense with the “Brothers Johnson” being inserted, and chip away at the lead. Goran Dragic and Whiteside also created a lot of trouble for the Pacers. Miami would head into the second quarter down only 2.

Miami was a lot better to start the second quarter as they shared the ball and created on offense. They looked to take advantage of Indiana’s poor three point shooting by clogging the key and it was effective. Wayne Ellington caught fire scoring three triples in under four minutes allowing Miami to take the lead. For Indiana, Oladipo would start to find his groove after being held scoreless in the first quarter, his play created an opening for Indiana to sneak back within two and find life on offense. Myles Turner also didn’t slow down, continuing his offensive assault.

Fortunately, Miami would find some energy in the latter half of the quarter thanks to JRich, Whiteside. Unfortunately, Indiana would score 5 points in 2.5 seconds, on an impressive sequence and steal away the lead. The Heat would head into the second half down three.

The Heat struggled to start the third quarter, taking questionable shots and once again having trouble defending the key. They looked lethargic and let Indiana take control once again. Miami would take to the depth chart in an effort to get some energy as they inserted Bam Adebayo. Miami’s shooting drought was vicious as they shot only 18% from the field and let the Pacers score 12 straight points.

Despite Miami’s efforts, this quarter was incredibly lopsided. It was one of the worst quarters I’ve seen this version of the Heat play. They would head into the final quarter down 22.

Miami wasn’t much better to start the fourth, despite Dion Waiters trying to will the Heat back into the game. He couldn’t get a shot to fall, and neither could the rest of the team despite their numerous attempts. For some reason, the Heat elected to only shoot threes in an effort to chip away the lead, and it really didn’t work. It’s not the first time they’ve done this, but if this result is anything to go on they should probably take higher percentage looks in these situations. Around the halfway point of the fourth quarter, it looked like the Heat had given in. Although there were some positives, it was too little too late in a game Miami probably should have won.

This was a really strange loss. The Heat were very competitive in the first half, but looked like a different team in the second half. While Indiana has a solid team this season, they shouldn’t be able to blow the Heat out like this, especially at home.