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Nuggets highlight videos as Heat prepare for a trip to Denver

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Nuggets face Heat on Friday after a much-needed win in Miami versus the Bulls

NBA: Chicago Bulls at Miami Heat Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Heat face a dangerous Denver Nuggets team, which recorded a season high 129 points versus the Toronto Raptors on Wednesday night. The Nuggets have scored over 110 points in each of the last three games, and been gaining traction on offense since opening day: points scored from first game to most recent - 96, 96, 104, 93, 105, 124, 110, 129.

Denver lost 3 out of their first 4 games, but since have won 3 out of 4 games. Strangely their last 6 games were all against Eastern Conference teams, with Miami being the 7th game in a row against an EC foe.

Their twitter highlight clips feature only the best Nuggets plays, but give an idea of what makes them a high-scoring team. Notice the Miami Heat versus Chicago Bulls score in the background.

Paul Millsap

Gary Harris

Nikola Jokic

Kenneth Faried

Malik Beasley

Paul Millsap

Jamal Murray

Very little iso-ball for the Nuggets on their highlight plays, as they built a 34 point lead against the Raptors with crisp ball movement.

In the game before the Raptors, Denver lost against the New York Knicks . The Nuggets can be beaten with a team featuring Michael Beasley and Kristaps Porzingis.

Miami at 3-4 aginst Denver at 4-4 seems like a competitive match on the surface. However going from facing the 90 point per game Bulls to the 107 point per game Nuggets will test Miami's defense Friday night.