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Heat have “dog-eat-dog” practice following loss to Pacers

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After Sunday’s embarrassing loss to Indiana, the Heat took to practice in an effort to right the ship. See what they had to say here:

NBA: Indiana Pacers at Miami Heat Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

After an embarrassing loss to the Indiana Pacers, the Heat are moving quickly to address their issues. Speaking to Anthony Chiang of the Palm Beach Post, James Johnson was candid in addressing Miami’s struggles:

“It happens. We have to take it for what it was, not making any excuse for it,” “We played poorly. We didn’t have no heart that game and they exposed that. But, like I said, those kinds of games happen. We just can’t let ’em repeat or we can’t let ’em happen again.”

“I don’t think we had time to really be emotional about it,” Johnson said after Monday’s practice. “No one in that locker is feeling sorry for ourselves or each other. Today was a grueling, dog-eat-dog practice. And it was full of no excuses.”

Dion Waiters also chimed in after his scoreless performance, referencing Miami’s phenomenal second half of last season and how this season has been different thus far:

“It’s not the same,” “You’ve still got to fill it up. It’s not how it was last year. We’ve got to take steps and go back. I always go back and see and watch what worked for us last year. But that’s last year, it’s all in the past. Just because you have the same team, almost, it doesn’t mean anything. It don’t guarantee anything, either. So, like I’ve said, the lineups have been different. You’ve got to figure it out, if that’s really possible. But you’ve got to do it quick.”

If anything it’s good to see that the Heat players know something needs to change and are making the effort to do so. This is a team full of veteran talent, these guys have been in the trenches and know what it takes to win. Unfortunately, winning is not coming consistently at the moment.

The Heat players are going to play hard, they’re going to be tough and they’re going to hustle. But, after these recent struggles Coach Spo is going to have to try something new rotation wise, because these problems are more than a hard practice away from being solved.