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How Justise Winslow can score without 3-pointers: copy Dwyane Wade

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Winslow won’t be a Devin Booker, but Justise’s footwork and strength are his calling cards.

NBA: Boston Celtics at Miami Heat Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Kevin Durant and Dwyane Wade nightmare commercials remind me of the Devin Booker and Justise Winslow comparisons. Could Justise vindicate the Miami Heat by his finesse moves in the posts? The move against the Boston Celtics showed his great spin moves around the basket.

Where did he perfect that move? Wade of course.

Clear out space for Winslow to operate on his defender. Miami opened up the paint and Justise created a masterpiece. Heat players drew out their defenders to the perimeter and cutters cleared out the painted area.

Speaking of easy baskets at the rim, the trimmer Winslow went turbo with on this play.

Who better to copy than Dwayne Wade himself?

Key to success is waiting for eye contact from the handler and catching defenders ball-watching.

Trying to fix a broken jump shot could take years of work, while doing what comes naturally works so well could pay dividends now.

Copying a future Hall-of-Famer and Miami icon beats chasing Booker this season.