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Heat fall to Warriors 97-80

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Despite keeping things close in the first half, the Warriors proved to be too much for the Heat down the stretch.

NBA: Miami Heat at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

First Half:

The Heat did not get off to a great start as Draymond drew first blood and Miami turned the ball over on the other end. It was Dragic who would get Miami on the board on an and one. Unfortunately, not all of Miami’s shot selection was that good. They shot poorly from the field to start (1 for 7). A credit to the Warriors’ defense.

Miami did manage to keep it close, making some great defensive plays and converting them to buckets on the other end. It took a little while, but Miami’s offense calmed down and they started to make some solid offensive decisions, even going on a 6-0 run at one point. The defense also looked good as the Heat really didn’t let the Warriors get any easy buckets, fouling on open drives and being overall pests.

Turnovers were once again a huge problem for the Heat (7 in the first quarter), and the Warriors took advantage. The Warriors would steal back the lead headed into the second quarter.

The turnovers didn’t stop in the opening minutes of the second, as Miami forced passes on offense. Thankfully, James Johnson continued to shoulder much of the scoring load to keep the Heat in the game and in the lead (that didn’t last). Dragic and Richardson would also contribute on some beautiful buckets.

Whiteside really struggled in the key. He didn’t score until midway through the second, and went 1/8 from the field to start. With Durant draped all over him, he missed most of the shots he usually makes. He looked very frustrated.

The Warriors started to unload on the Heat around the two minute mark of the second quarter, scoring two threes in a row and starting a 14-2 run. The Heat really couldn’t click on offense and it cost them. It would have helped if they continued their defense from the first quarter though. They’d go into halftime down 13.

Second Half:

Miami would struggle entering the second half. Hassan just didn’t seem like his head was in it and would be replaced with a hungry Bam Adebayo. Unfortunately once the Warriors start going they’re really tough to slow down. They just seemed to take control offensively as they drove the lead up to 20.

Despite the negatives, Miami had their moments in the third. They had some huge blocks on defense that translated into some made buckets as they worked to chip away at the Warriors lead. The Heat would go on a 10-0 run to shrink the lead to 15. Unfortunately, the Warriors would push back keeping Miami at a comfortable distance.

The Heat really couldn’t get it going, but one highlight was Bam Adebayo. He looked fantastic as he blocked shots, and hustled hard for boards.

Miami’s shooting woes continued early in the fourth quarter, but they did find some footing as things progressed. Suddenly it looked like the Heat had a motion offense as they started to make good offensive decisions and trimmed the Warriors’ lead to 10. Kelly Olynyk really stepped up and created on the offensive end.

Unfortunately, despite Miami’s late game effort, the Warriors would take control again. It’s incredible that even after shooting so poorly, the Warriors can still mount and maintain large leads. The Heat would fall

If we’re looking for positives James Johnson, Kelly Olynyk, and Goran Dragic were fantastic. Richardson also played some great defense. Unfortunately, to beat the Warriors you need even more than that.