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Whiteside received both support and frank evaluation after benching

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In a disappointing loss to the Warriors, Hassan Whiteside received undue attention due to his brief second-half appearance.

NBA: Miami Heat at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Hassan Whiteside had a forgettable evening in Oakland against the Golden State Warriors making only 1 of 9 shots and getting an early benching after Zaza Pachulia made a basket, while Whiteside was arguing with a referee about a foul. He didn’t appear happy, or supportive of his teammates, while sitting on the sidelines.

Hassan Whiteside not feeling his numbers tonight. Even Juwan Howard double takin' against that line.

Afterwards Hassan expressed frustration about his role on the team and with the floor time coach Erik Spoelstra has given him. since his return from a bone bruise.

“I guess he thought it was better if I didn’t come back in. Coach, playing me 16 minutes, I guess that’s what he wanted me to play. … Last game, I played 31 minutes. I thought I played great. Today, I played 16 minutes. So I really don’t know what I’m going to play in Phoenix.”

Spoeltra’s take on the matter was to move from it.

“This is one game, he understands how important he is to our team to play at a high level, high energy level, so we’ll move on to Phoenix and look to have a much better game.”

Goran Dragic expressed support for Whiteside, and his importance to the team.

“I mean it’s tough. He’s our main player. He’s protecting the paint. He’s getting offensive rebounds, blocked shots. But, we’re going to play with whoever we’ve got. I think Bam did an amazing job. He brought that energy that we needed. It’s tough. But you have so many games in this league and sometimes back-to-backs, sometimes your body doesn’t listen to you. But we have full confidence Hassan is going to be back and he’s going to be his old self again.”

James Johnson also stressed the importance of never taking time on the court for granted.

"Minutes is earned, man. Minutes is earned on this team. We had our talk as we should as a team, and as the three captains that we are. And he gets it. I know he gets it.”

"He's the most athletic guy I know. He's the heart of our team, and he's also the best big man in the league to me."

Attitude was the main factor Whiteside bounced around overseas and in the D-League for several years, before Miami Heat gave him a legitimate chance in the NBA. After this rocky beginning to the season, how his future unfolds in Miami could take an unexpected turn.