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Heat head off to Mexico hoping to kickstart their season

The struggling Heat hope to turn their season around and bond together on their upcoming road trip to Mexico.

NBA: Charlotte Hornets at Miami Heat Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat have not had a good time of things recently having lost four of their last five matches. They have looked off the pace and it seems the 117-105 loss to San Antonio on Thursday spurred coach Erik Spoelstra into action. He decided to take advantage of the team’s upcoming trip to Mexico to foster better team spirit and hopefully get the season kick-started and back on track.

It was a season that began with a degree of hope that they could at the very least compete deep in the playoffs since their last championship run in 2013 but it is becoming more and more clear that this is another year of building and consolidation in the post Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh era. Finding a win has been as hard as trying to find the best free bets online. Not all hope is lost but it does seem as if something special needs to happen if the Heat want anything more than a middling season. The rest of December will give them the opportunity to bounce back with games against the Grizzlies, the Hornets, the Mavericks and the Nets — all of whom are having even worse seasons than South Beach’s finest.

However they also have to face the Celtics, the Trail Blazers as well as the Pelicans who are all having relatively good seasons. The Celtics in particular are storming ahead in the Eastern Conference and currently have twice as many wins as the Heat. If they can weather that storm however and pick up an unlikely win here and there then suddenly confidence will flow. It will be very tough facing them on the road but if the Heat want to achieve anything then they really do have to step up and get a statement win.

It would seem that Spoelstra shares this view and has decided to take the team to Mexico in order to fire them up, let them have some fun and to promote a closer and stronger relationship within his side. He spoke to about the trip saying, “I like it when your team gets to experience something different than a normal road trip because you get to come down here and spend a lot of time sightseeing on the bus together.”

They have, of course, not just taken the whole time off, with the team participating in NBA promotional events in Mexico City as well as having a clips based session where they can look at where they have been going wrong as well as how to get one over on the Brooklyn Nets when they play them at the Arena Ciudad de Mexico. Heat Lifer and team captain Udonis Haslem who was also positive about the trip telling, “We are all walking together and building relationships,” which seems to tally with what the coach wants to achieve.

A trip to Mexico is unlikely to fix all the issues and problems the Heat have faced so far in this stuttering season, but it's great to see the coach try something different and think outside of the box for bonding trips and attempt to get his players on the same page. Hopefully we will see his labor begin to take fruit in the next few games.