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Dragic fighting through pain in elbow, still hopes to make return against Celtics

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After injuring his elbow, Dragic hopes to fight through the pain once again and return against the Celtics

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Goran Dragic is a beast. The guy has played through orbital bone injuries, nose injuries, mouth injuries and more. Like a basketball version of Rocky, he gets knocked down and keeps getting back up. His toughness level is seriously unparalleled as made evident below:

Look at this beast

Dragic is in the process of receiving treatment on the strained elbow, that caused him to miss Monday’s game against the Hawks. At the moment, he’s categorizing the pain at a “5 or 6”. Dragic explained to the Herald:

“The swelling went down a little bit, but still the pain is there,” “So we’ve still got a night to try to do treatment as much as possible. We’ll go from there [Wednesday].”

“I mean I feel like I can fight through a lot of injuries. But this injury is kind of a specific one because there’s so many aspects of the game that you need to do, especially when you’re passing the ball, when you’re shooting. You’re never in that comfort zone. But like I said, we’re going to see tomorrow.”

So as of right now, Dragic’s playing status is up in the air. However, judging from past injuries I have no doubt that he’ll make a conscious effort to play.