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All the Heat wants for Christmas is a WHALE

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What’s on the Miami Heat’s Christmas list?

NBA: Miami Heat at Phoenix Suns Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

How would you answer the question?

What do the Miami Heat want for Christmas?

If we are able to dream a little bit and ask Santa for what we really want...then it is a WHALE.

I’m not talking about a fully aquatic placental marine mammal, I’m talking about what Pat Riley would talk about when he referred to the big catch, the franchise changing player.

And let me preface all of this: it’s going to sound like I am looking at the glass half empty. But let’s just be brutally honest here: the Heat are not going anywhere with the roster they have. And the reason for that is that they don’t have a superstar on their roster, nor an All-Star.

And no NBA team is winning anything significant without All-Stars or a superstar. And in today’s NBA, you probably need two superstar caliber players to get it done.

And the sad thing for the Heat is that they locked themselves into mediocrity for the foreseeable future unless they make a move. They dished out big and long contracts to Dion Waiters, James Johnson, Kelly Olynyk and Josh Richardson this offseason. They struck out on the marquee free agents and are just recently having the clarity of Chris Bosh in their past.

So if you ask what we really want from’s a WHALE. We want another franchise player. We have enough mediocre and role players. We have a max paying center who is hurt and averages less than 15 PPG. We need a whale.

We need someone who is going to make Miami a desirable location again, not just for the nice weather and beautiful women, but for the basketball. Santa needs to make a superstar unhappy and present Pat Riley the right opportunity to make a deal.

Anthony Davis, Damian Lillard, or someone like them or better need to fall in Riley’s lap.

That’s what we want for Christmas. We want the spotlight back on us. We want to be relevant again. We were spoiled for 4 years during LeBron James tenure here alongside Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. We saw great basketball, incredible media coverage and people talked about our team!

That’s what we want!

Give us a WHALE for CHRISTMAS!

Now, tell us what you think should be on the Miami Heat’s wishlist?