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Dion Waiters will consider offseason ankle surgery

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Waiters is still dealing with his ankle injury from last season, and it’s believed it won’t fully heal without surgery

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Miami Heat Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Dion Waiters isn’t the player he was last season, and his ankle is mostly to blame. Despite missing the last 13 games of last season, and healing throughout the offseason his ankle never fully healed. Waiters aggravated the injury once again against Dallas, and it’s largely believed it won’t fully heal until a surgery takes place.

In a report by ESPN X The Associated Press, Dion explained he would consider surgery in the offseason. Dion explained the pain he’s feeling saying:

"I've played through it, though," Waiters said. "I've got to. I'm not making any excuses. It is what it is. It's something I don't like to talk about because there's nothing we really can do right now but try to take care of it, get it stronger, things like that. I don't want to be in this predicament where it's a little tweak, you've got to miss a decent amount just off a little tweak. That sucks."

When asked if he would consider missing games this season, to have surgery Dion didn’t hesitate:

"No," "Hell, no."

Injuries have been a problem for the Heat this season, however Miami’s bench unit has really stepped up in players’ absence. Waiters is a huge part of Miami’s core, but I along with a lot of Heat Nation can’t help but wonder how good he could be if he was fully healed.