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Can Wayne Ellington and the Heat dunk? See for yourself

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Miami takes a lot of 3-point shots. Throwing in a few dunks helps stirs things up a bit.

NBA: Miami Heat at Minnesota Timberwolves Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Wayne Ellington of the Miami Heat is known for his sweet stroke at the 3-point line. Teammate Dion Waiters wants to see some Philly Cheese swagger from Ellington, born in Wynnewood(a Philadelphia suburb), and some other Heat players.

"Now, he wants his teammates to start thinking the same. The Heat’s perimeter players such as Wayne Ellington, Josh Richardson and Tyler Johnson have been passive at times, especially at the 3-point line."

"The Heat have made an effort to convince players like Ellington, who have been hesitant in certain situations."

Earlier in his career Ellington was anything but hesitant when he blew by Klay Thompson at the 3-point line to make this throwdown, while Stephen Curry moved aside. James Johnson would be proud that smash.

Ellington was a teammate of Waiters with the Cleveland Cavaliers, when Dion saw the sweet and nasty sides of Ellington. You can take Dion and Wayne out of Philadelphia, but you can't take the Philly swag out of them.

Getting some explosiveness into the paint works when Miami has Bam Adebayo waiting at rim to clean up any misses, and finish what his teammates started.

Take that for passive.

Even Dwyane Wade has crossed the Heat off his relevant list of teams in the NBA.

"Playing Miami wasn't a big deal anymore. 'I'm passed that,' he [Wade] said."

Mr. Ellington and Mr. Richardson would disagree that Miami isn’t a big deal, and welcome Mr. Wade back to Miami with the nasty attitude Micky Arison wants from his team every night.