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Trade Deadline Report: Heat shopping McRoberts & Ellington together

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The NBA trade deadline is today at 3pm.

NBA: Brooklyn Nets at Miami Heat Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA trade deadline is upon us and the Miami Heat have now surfaced again. And no surprise, they are trying to move Josh McRoberts and his contract. This is per a report from Chris Mannix.

The Heat have tried and tried to deal McRoberts who has another year on his contract and hasn’t found his groove with the team amid so many injuries.

But now, it seems as though they are willing to deal in someone else to make the deal happen. The Heat could package Wayne Ellington to make it happen. Miami has a logjam at guard with Josh Richardson, Dion Waiters and Tyler Johnson all needing minutes.

Ellington has been productive but could be used as bait to get someone to take McRoberts.

We have no idea who would want those two and what Miami would get in return, but we will find out today if anything surfaces.