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Chris Bosh joins TNT as a Studio Analyst

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Chris Bosh has joined TNT as a studio analyst, effectively eliminating any possibility of returning to play this season.

While the Heat were non-players in the NBA trade deadline, there was some Heat news involving “current” forward Chris Bosh. It was announced that Bosh would be joining the TNT team as a studio analyst for their Player’s Only segment. The new segment will begin on February 27th and Bosh will appear alongside former players, Chris Webber, Isiah Thomas and Baron Davis. Additionally, they’ll incorporate pieces of Kevin Garnett’s Area 21 into the segment. outlines the segment as follows:

“The Players Only series is centered on showcasing the game exclusively through the unique lens of the professional basketball player. Each night’s NBA coverage will incorporate a more conversational delivery and broader NBA player integrations into the telecasts to offer viewers an entertaining narrative and deeper insights in to the game – directly from the athlete’s perspective. All commentators appearing as part of Players Only are current and/or former professional players.”

With Bosh heading to TNT, there is no way he will appear in 25 games this season. It’s worth noting that if Bosh plays in 25 games in any of the three seasons left on his contract his salary would revert back to the Heat if they apply to have the salary-cap hit removed. It’s still unknown whether or not Bosh will return to playing basketball over the next few seasons, but as of right now his condition is still considered too dangerous for the NBA.

According to the Sun Sentinel’s Ira Winderman, the Heat are expected to move their cap relief case forward in the coming weeks (i.e same timeframe as Bosh’s new role).

Chris is a phenomenal personality, who has been missed by Miami fans this season there is little doubt regarding his ability to produce some analysis for the TNT segment. It will be fun watching him again, even if it isn’t on the basketball court.