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Chris Bosh makes TNT debut but ‘still working out, and just really still staying ready’

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Bosh gives update on his current status in his first planned appearance on TNT.

Miami Heat v Charlotte Hornets - Game Four Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

It’s been over a year since Miami Heat big man, Chris Bosh, has hit the hardwood for a game. And since failing his preseason physical in September, the two-time NBA champion most recently joined Turner Sports as a studio analyst for the remaining five weeks of the season.

On Monday night Bosh joined Chris Webber, Isiah Thomas and Baron Davis for the debut of TNT’s “Players Only” series of broadcasts. Webber asked Bosh about his health after battling with blood clots that disrupted his previous two seasons.

"It's been great," the 11-time All-Star said. "My health is great. I'm feeling good, still working out, and just really still saying ready."

Alongside his physical health, Bosh mentioned the challenges of his mental health during his time away.

"I think one of the interesting things that I didn't anticipate was my mental health," he said. "And that's something that as athletes we have to take into regard because we're used to a set schedule and we're used to a certain type of world. And that's something that I've really had to work on for my well being."

Aside from speaking to his health, Bosh also took time to admire what the players in Miami have done so far this season.

"I think you just have a bunch of young guys trying to figure it out right now," he said. "But they're scrappy. I know one thing. They're going to prepare. They're going to play hard every night. The system is the system; they're going to run that system and they're going to roll it out with their guys."

Joining the TNT team effectively ended all possibility of the 32-year-old returning to the court this season, and according to the Associated Press:

“Because he has been sidelined for more than a year, the Heat can choose at any time to initiate a process in which his contract would be removed from their salary cap. It's unclear when the Heat will choose to do so, though with Bosh owed more than $52 million over the next two seasons -- money he is guaranteed -- it is certain Miami will seek the cap relief at some point before next summer.”

Bosh will continue as a studio analyst for TNT for the next four Mondays, running through March 27.

And based on his comments, Heat fans ... even though Bosh has jumped into a new career, he may not have necessarily given up on his old one. Glory!