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Heat prospect, Skyforce guard Briante Weber signs with Warriors

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Weber was one of the final cuts in Heat training camp.

NBA: Preseason-Minnesota Timberwolves at Miami Heat Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Briante Weber signed a 10-day contract with the Golden State Warriors today. To make room for Weber, the team released veteran center Anderson Varejao.

With more than enough scoring punch, Weber gives the Warriors a facilitator to fuel their high-octane offense because of his assist-first mentality.

According to coach Steve Kerr, “We’re OK most of the time with our guards, but we know we’re thin. It’s something we’ve been watching and will continue to watch. We realize we’ll need to do something in the coming weeks.”

On the other side of the ball, Briante can be a disruptive force on defense when Golden State needs stops late in game. Although the Brooklyn Nets passed on him earlier, Weber seems a natural fit in the Golden State system when they need a more defensively-minded unit on the court.

Almost quadruple double for Sioux Falls Skyforce

Defensive specialty is steals

Brief 10-day stint with Memphis Grizzlies

His signing says a lot about the value of the Sioux Falls Skyforce to the Miami Heat organization and their approach to the NBA draft. The Heat do so well mining D-League teams for prospects, they could almost use those players as trading chips.

Next season NBA rosters expand to 17 players, with two spots open as NHL-type two-way contracts. The Sioux Falls operation will have even more impact, although there are still only 48 minutes in a game to divide among two more bodies.

Should the Heat tank or keep developing players who are regarded highly enough to play alongside Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant?