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The Top 10 Miami Heat Players of All-Time

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In relation to Win-Shares, we have the list of players here.

NBA: Miami Heat at Phoenix Suns Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

There’s a lot of ways you can value players, and one of those is a win-share. A win share is a metric that estimates the number of wins a player produces for his team. This can be calculated on its own, or by finding a player's Offensive Win Shares and Defensive Win Shares, and adding those together. This number is generally calculated using full-season statistics.

And out friends at NumberFire put together the Miami Heat’s top 10 players of all-time in relation to win shares. Here’s the list.

win shares miami heat

And there’s no surprise at who #1 is on the list. And it’s not even close. Dwyane Wade dominates the lead, but what may be surprising is who rounds out of the top 5 and top 10. Eddie Jones, who led the Heat in scoring during their down years in the early 2000’s, is a top 5 win-share leader for the Miami Heat franchise. And rounding out the top 10 is point guard Mario Chalmers, who played 8 seasons for the Heat.

It’s an interesting list to check out, and we thought you might enjoy looking at it and discussing the value these players had on the franchise.

Anyone notice someone important missing?

Shaquille O’Neal?

Jamal Mashburn?