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Five Stars: EightySixed - Heat blowout 76ers

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The Heat sweeps the Five Stars in their 27-point victory over the Philadelphia 76ers.

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Miami Heat Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Five Stars is a Hot Hot Hoops exclusive where we dig into the box score of each Heat game and pick apart the numbers under the numbers. The top five players are the Five Stars, regardless of which team they player for. I used the GameScore metric, with a slight adjustment for plus/minus to rank the players. This article is about Miami’s 125-98 win over the Philadelphia 76ers on Wednesday night.

First Star

Tyler Johnson (MIA) 24.6

Johnson earned his third First Star of the season, and makes his 22nd appearance in the Five Stars overall. He earned an estimated PER of 27.1, with a game-second-best 143 offensive rating. In 27:57, he made eight-of-12 shots overall and two-of-three from outside, while draining six-of-eight foul shots. He had four assists, two steals, two rebounds, and a plus-18 rating to go with his game-high 24 points.

I felt like I was in rhythm. - Johnson

Second Star

Hassan Whiteside (MIA) 19.9

Whiteside makes his team-leading 37th appearance in the Five Stars with a game-best 28.2 estimated PER. He scored 15 points with 11 rebounds in 22:11 on the floor. He also made six-of-nine shots overall and three-of-four from the stripe, with a career-high three assists, four blocks, a steal, and a plus-11 rating.

Third Star

Wayne Ellington (MIA) 18.2

Ellington, in the Five Stars for the seventh time, came off the bench for 25:20 and made six-of-nine shots, all three pointers, while not attempting a single foul shot. Along with his 18 points, he added three rebounds and a plus-16 rating, with a 21.3 estimated PER, and a game-best 191 offensive rating.

They were pretty excited when they snapped our streak. ... We wanted to come out and give our energy and our best effort, and it turned out to be a great win for us. - Ellington

Fourth Star

James Johnson (MIA) 15.4

Johnson, in his 21st Five Stars appearance, made six-of-11 shots overall. He missed all three of his long-distance attempts and half of his four foul shot attempts, with four rebounds, three assists, two blocks, a steal, a plus-15 rating, and a 17.4 approximate PER.

Fifth Star

Goran Dragic (MIA) 12.5

Dragic makes his 36th Five Star appearance by doing slightly better than unofficial Sixth Star Josh Richardson. In 22:52, Dragic made six-of-13 shots overall and one-of-three from deep. He drained two-of-three free throws, with three steals, two assists, two rebounds, a plus-16 rating, and a slightly below average 14.6 estimated PER.

Five Stars Standings

Hassan Whiteside 248
Goran Dragic 213
Tyler Johnson 132
Dion Waiters 106
James Johnson 98
Wayne Ellington 39
Willie Reed 33
Josh Richardson 26
Rodney McGruder 21
Justise Winslow 16
Derrick Williams 3
Luke Babbitt 1
Josh McRoberts 1