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Pat Riley affirms his commitment to the Miami Heat

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He ain’t going anywhere, folks.

Los Angeles Lakers v Miami Heat Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Pat Riley has built one of the best organizations across the entire NBA since arriving in South Beach. From top to bottom, everyone in the building buys in to the message that is being preached by the Godfather. Once entering the Miami Heat, there is only one goal: win.

I recently wrote about the culture that Riley and company have instilled in the Miami Heat organization. Whether he was coaching on the bench, selling LeBron James to wear a Miami Heat uniform, or looking for the next potential star in the draft, Pat Riley is doing everything he can to bring titles to Miami.

Riley recently agreed to a contract extension that will keep him in South Beach through the 2020-2021 season. Riley will turn 76 that season, but he does not look to be slowing down any time soon. Riley seems determined to bring home another championship to the Heat organization. In a sit down with ESPN’s Wright Thompson, the Miami Heat executive displayed his desire of winning, but noted this one may be the toughest to actually get.

Per Ira Winderman of the Sun Sentinel, Riley talked about that he is determined in sustaining a winning environment.

“I think we've all been a good group over the last 22 years. We've all grown up together," he said in late April of a front-office staff that largely has remained intact during his tenure with the franchise. "I just want to have a good summer, come back and have a great team and contend for championships. I don't know how many more non-playoff years I could take or I'd want to take or I'm not so sure if we had non-playoff years that I'd even deserve to be here."

Riley does have connections to California with a home in Malibu, but he does seem genuinely dedicated to doing whatever is needed to put a winning product on the court. With the Godfather at the helm and Spo on the bench, the Miami Heat organization is built to compete for the long haul.

Pat Riley, the city is yours.