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NBA Draft Combine Recap: Miami Heat

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The Miami Heat were fully present at the NBA Draft Combine, here’s what you need to know.

Pat Riley, Shane Battier and Erik Spoelstra were among the big names representing the Miami Heat at the official NBA Draft Combine held in Chicago, IL this week and weekend.

The NBA Draft Lottery will be held this Tuesday in New York which will solidify where the Heat draft position will be, but until then they are preparing to have the 14th overall pick. That’s because they have a 98.2% chance to have the 14th and last lottery pick and only a 1.8% chance of having picks 1, 2 or 3.

So while in Chicago, they spent their time evaluating talent for their lottery pick, and possibly buying into the second round. The Heat currently do not own a 2nd round pick, but by who they interviewed, it seemed as though they may plan to work their way into it.

The Palm Beach Post reported that the Heat met with 20 players while in Chicago, and several of them clearly 2nd round talents.

Here’s a list of those who know the Heat talked with on their own.

Jonathan Montley, Baylor
OG Anunoby, Indiana
Chris Boucher, Oregon
Devin Robinson, Florida
Kobi Simmons, Arizona
Derrick White Jr., Colorado
Isaiah Briscoe, Kentucky
Monte Morris, Iowa St.
Sindarius Thornwell, South Carolina
Nigel Williams-Doss, Gonzaga
Josh Hart, Villanova
Wesley Iwundu, Kansas St.

Clearly, the Heat have their eyes on the second round as well. Williams-Doss, Thornwell, Iwundu, Morries, Simmons are all late 2nd round picks projected (via Draft Express).

OG Anunoby is the only lottery pick talent there. Heat chief scout Chet Kammerer has said that the Heat will take the best player available and make him work. They are not drafting on need, but on talent.

The Heat also have a workout planned with Dwayne Bacon, again a late second round level talent. The signs are clear, the Heat are looking to find a diamond in the rough in the second round and will likely attempt to make a good deal to get there.

Much of the NBA Draft Combine is not for lottery level talent. They may be there, but they aren’t participating in everything. Their lottery pick is a good as a guess as anyone.

So much of what happens here at the Combine is going to be unknown to us. We know some of who they met with, but we don’t know their discussions. Who they like and don’t like? It’s a mystery, but they have about 6 weeks to figure it out.

Stay tuned.