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NBA draft lottery 2017: Heat odds, start time, how to watch and stream

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Miami holds a slim chance of moving up, but is the team overdue for some good luck?

NBA: NBA Draft 2015 Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

By virtue of barely missing out on the NBA Playoffs, the Miami Heat instead face the longest odds out of all the rest of the teams to move up in the 2017 NBA Draft at tonight’s draft lottery.

Maybe one day the NBA will change course to stop rewarding the worst teams of the season with the best chances at getting the top picks in the draft, but what’s the alternative? Should all lottery teams have similar odds, or assign all 14 selections via the lottery instead of just the first three, or flip the order and give the best team, like this year’s Heat, the most lottery balls?

Putting that aside, this time around Miami holds just a 0.5 percent chance at the No. 1 selection, a 0.6 percent chance at the No. 2 pick and a 0.7 percent chance at No. 3, for a grant total of 1.8 percent of moving up in next month’s draft. Or, in other words, a 98.2 percent of staying put at No. 14. Miami rarely has been in the draft lottery since Pat Riley joined the franchise, but the team has never won the lottery or moved up in their history.

So when and where to watch Alonzo Mourning as the Heat’s draft representative wait anxiously along with Heat Nation for the NBA draft lottery results?

When: Tuesday, May 16, coverage starts at 8 p.m. EST

Where: Barclays Center, Brooklyn NY

Watch: ESPN

Stream: WatchESPN

2017 NBA Draft Lottery Odds:

Boston Celtics (via Brooklyn Nets) - 25.0

Phoenix Suns - 19.9

Los Angeles Lakers - 15.6

Philadelphia 76ers - 11.9

Orlando Magic - 8.8

Minnesota Timberwolves - 5.3

New York Knicks - 5.3

Sacramento Kings - 2.8

Dallas Mavericks - 1.7

Sacramento Kings (via New Orleans Pelicans) - 1.1

Charlotte Hornets - 0.8

Detroit Pistons - 0.7

Denver Nuggets - 0.6

Miami Heat - 0.5