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Hot Hot Hoops NBA Draft Profile: Jarrett Allen

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Talented center out of Texas could bring Miami dynamic duo with Hassan Whiteside.

NCAA Basketball: Texas at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat started the season with an 11-30 record and then were one of the hottest teams down the stretch, finishing the season 30-11 in their final 41 games. While they missed the playoffs after a tiebreaker loss to the Chicago Bulls, the Heat showed they have a bright future ahead.

The Miami Heat were one of the hottest teams down the stretch, next step to improve for next season comes next month, with the 2017 NBA Draft. According to Andy Bailey of Bleacher Report, Jarrett Allen, a talented center out of Texas, is a great fit for the Heat at No. 14.

Allen is a 6-foot-11 center with a ridiculous 7-foot-5 wingspan. He had a terrific freshman campaign at Texas, averaging 13.4 points and 8.4 rebounds per game. He also showed a great ability to protect the rim, blocking 1.5 shots per game last season.

Even more impressive, Allen’s two best games of his freshman season, were against the Kansas Jayhawks, a Final Four caliber team. In those two games against Kansas, Allen averaged 21.0 points and 15 rebounds per game. He also blocked four shots and shot 62.9 percent from the field. It is good to see that Allen shows up in the big games.

The one downside of Allen’s game is his shot from the free-throw line. He shot an extremely low 55% from the line last season. This is a part of Allen’s game that will need to improve, especially in today’s game with the trend of the Hack-A-Shaq strategy.

The other downside of Allen’s game is the lack of hustle seen at times while at Texas. There were points where it seemed that Allen wasn’t playing at full speed. While this is concerning, it is something that can easily be fixed moving forward.

The Heat could have one of the best shot-blocking duos in all of basketball with this pick. Put Allen with Whiteside and it will be very difficult to score in the paint against the Miami Heat. If you combine the stats from the both of them, they would average 3.6 blocks per game together as a tandem.

The Miami Heat have a lot of great options to choose from with their 14th overall pick. Depending on what the team plans to do in free agency, there are different directions that the organization can head in. Jarrett Allen could be a very interesting pick for the Heat in the first round. Come June 22nd, we will see if Allen ends up with the Heat.