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Miami Heat interested in “best passer in the world,” Milos Teodosic

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$38 million, give or take, in cap space gives Miami many options to shop around this summer.

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NBCSports mentioned, per a NYPost story,

“The Nets long have been linked to Teodosic, as have the Kings and Nuggets.”

“But Friday, Andrey Kartashov, the lead basketball writer for the Russian news agency TASS, reported Miami had joined the pursuit of the CSKA Moscow star who NBA general managers voted the best player outside the league.”

“Kartashov didn’t mention the Nuggets, but the Heat are problem enough…”

Who is Milos Teodosic, and why should the Miami Heat care?

For one, the price seems right.

“After the May 20 Euroleague consolation game, Teodosic — believed to be seeking a three-year deal in the $25-30 million range — said he would make his decision in 15-20 days. The Russian league playoffs will end next week, but he can’t sign with an NBA team until July 7.”

Another reason being his gift for finding opportunities where none existed before.

Miami meets his criteria to jump ship for a belated NBA career.

“It’s true that I’m seriously thinking about the possibility of the NBA, but nothing has transpired yet, and nothing will until the summer. I’ve said before that, in order for me to go to the USA, a team has to meet both my competitive ambitions – which is the most important thing – and everything that has to do with the financial aspect as well as the aspect of the length of my contract.”

At Teodosic's price point, he could help the team by making other players better.

“Offensively, he’s the best passer in the world, from a purely offensive standpoint. Chris Paul is a Hall of Famer, but as far as a pure passer, [Teodosic] might be the most creative passer in the world today. Now, he will not guard a chair, but he’s a brilliant offensive player and an ultra-competitor.”

Per Netsdaily Brooklyn and Miami have competed for talent before.

“The Nets and Heat, of course, competed for a point guard last summer, too. The Nets tendered Tyler Johnson a four-year, $50 million contract, which the Heat matched.”

“Teodosic is expected to command a first year salary of $8 to $10 million.”

“The Heat currently have $38 million in cap space, one of two teams with more than the Nets, who have $33 million.”

ESPN reported the interest on Teodosic, who sported very average numbers.

“Teodosic, undrafted in 2009, has made 44 total appearances this season for CSKA Moscow, and he's averaging 14.2 points, 6.7 assists and 2.3 rebounds. He has also made 36.7 percent of his shots from behind the 3-point line.”

The question remains whether he can create easy baskets for Hassan Whiteside, Dion Waiters, Josh Richardson, Justise Winslow, Wayne Ellington, et al.

A NetsDaily article, “Do Positives Outweigh Negatives for Teodosic and Vesely?” summarize the case for and against Teodosic.

“Milos Teodosic is uptempo personified. His play on the offensive end is dazzling, stunning defenders with pinpoint passes and solid shooting. Teodosic uses every crevice and angle to create. His passes often leave his own teammates spellbound, leading to dropped passes and ricochets. His assist percentage of 42.3% in EuroLeague competition was outstanding – that efficiency would rank him fifth in the NBA. Different leagues, of course. But Teodosic is a player that makes life easy for his teammates.”

“Teodosic’s defense lags far behind his offensive wizardry. His defense has been described as “lazy,” “lackadaisical” and “lots of room for improvement.” That’s a lot of L’s. Even as a reserve, Teodosic struggled, with a defensive rating of 113.3 – worst on CSKA Moscow. As an NBA player, his defensive deficiencies would be magnified with athletes at every position. Rather than guarding the Shane Larkin’s and Nate Wolters’ of the world, Teodosic could face speedy reserves like Patty Mills and Ish Smith. Even in two guard sets with Jeremy Lin or Spencer Dinwiddie, Teodosic could still struggle in containing opponents at the 2 spot.”

Against NBA teams Teolosic showcased his abilities versus the Timberwolves in 2013 preseason action for 26 points and 9 assists.

Seems like the Heat and Utah Jazz are set to battle it out for players this summer.

“Of all the teams vying for Teodosic’s services, only Utah and Sacramento can offer him the chance at a starting position. And of those two teams, only Utah can give Milos a chance at the NBA postseason. If I were a betting man, I’d say the Utah Jazz have the inside track at signing Milos in the next 15-20.”