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Gordon Hayward’s family photo stirs a frenzy in Salt Lake City and Boston

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Miami Heat may be “loading up” for possible Hayward signing, but other cities are sitting on edge also.

NBA: Miami Heat at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Utah Jazz and Boston Celtics fans share the Miami Heat’s interest in pending free agent Gordon Hayward plans this summer. A recent picture of Hayward’s wife holding their child has created rampant speculation in their respective cities.

Robyn Hayward removed the picture from her Instagram account, but not before it caused quite a stir in the local media. posted:

Robyn Hayward, the wife of Utah Jazz All-Star Gordon Hayward, posted a completely innocent picture on Instagram of her and her daughter Bernie snuggling with one another. However, NBA fans noticed a potentially subliminal message in the photo as the two-year-old was wearing a green shirt with a shamrock on it that read “Go Green” on the back. wrote:

Poor Robyn Hayward, wife of free agent-to-be Gordon Hayward, just wanted to post a photo of her holding her daughter. That's all she wanted to do.

But this is the NBA, and free-agency rumors are the only thing hotter than Draymond Green's takes on Cleveland's basketball intelligence. So when Robyn Hayward posted an Instagram photo with their daughter wearing a shamrock-clad shirt with the phrase, "Go Green" strewn across it, Twitter took this as a sure-fire sign that Gordon Hayward is going to sign with the Boston Celtics this summer. Logical.

MassLive commented:

If Mrs. Hayward wanted to send a free-agency message on Instagram, she probably would have done so with actual Celtics gear -- and she probably wouldn't have deleted the tweet. The coincidence is strange, I'll admit, and pretty funny, but everyone, including Hayward's adorable daughter, has a St. Patrick's Day t-shirt or two.

Now forgive me while I go wait for the photoshops of Hayward at Logan Airport to surface. Free agency starts July 1.

The Salt Lake City Tribune chimed in:

So when Gordon Hayward's wife, Robyn Hayward, posted Sunday night on Instagram a photo of their daughter wearing a "Go Green" shirt with a shamrock underneath — Jazz and Celtics fans alike went into a frenzy on social media.

Hayward deleted and later clarified the post with a screenshot of the shirt and caption that read: "For the record....I had got this shirt on sale for the girls because they had it in both their sizes ... It's a St. Patrick's Day shirt."

Jazz fans reacted accordingly with dismay, posting tweets like "I want to die," "Having a serious panic attack," and this:

For what it’s worth, there will be no shortage of speculations on possible player moves throughout the NBA this summer.