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Gordon Hayward concerned playing with Isaiah Thomas?

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Another twist to free agent saga of Hayward

Taco Bell Skills Challenge 2017 Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

The rumor mill never rests in the NBA. Some of the latest involves the dynamic between Gordon Hayward of the Utah Jazz and Isaiah Thomas of the Boston Celtics.

“Gordon Hayward is a lot like me- he doesn’t want to watch a lil peanut head dribble/ carry the ball for 23 secs a possession and chuck shots.”

Never know what goes on behind closed doors this time, or any time for that matter, of year.

Last season, Kevin Durant needed the Golden State Warriors to make him a winner. The Warriors didn’t need him to make them winners.

This year, do the Miami Heat need Hayward to make them winners?

Or does Hayward need the Heat to make him a winner?

Or both?