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Have the NBA Finals become Groundhog Day?

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The offseason could potentially widen the gap between the Warriors and Cavs from the rest of the NBA, or will it?

NBA: Miami Heat at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The LeBron versus MJ comparisons will never end, but they do have one thing in common, their NBA Finals appearances always draw a crowd. This year the championship round was the most watched Finals since Michael Jordan burned the Utah Jazz in 1998. So, while the world is supposedly getting tired of the same rematch, the league surely isn’t. With that said, the question remains, can it continue and will we see a fourth rendition of Stephen Curry versus LeBron James?

Once again NBA sportsbook TopBet has Golden State and Cleveland so far ahead of the pack that another NBA Finals meeting is inevitable. However, with the latest rumors of a potential LBJ departure next year after his contract ends, those odds could and would change rather quickly. Regardless, given they are just rumors, all signs point to a fourth straight rematch for now and with more to come should James stay in Cleveland.

All hope is not lost though.

Another possibility this offseason is Chris Paul heading to the San Antonio Spurs. He’d be replacing team legend Manu Ginobili on the roster and would give the Spurs offense an instant boost. Looking back not too long ago, if Kawhi stays healthy and CP3 is there in support, San Antonio would surely have given the Warriors a run for their money.

Yet another possibility, is the Boston Celtics trading a package of their valuable future draft picks for Jimmy Butler or Paul George. Should they keep their newly acquired No. 3 pick and carve out max salary space to add a marquee free agent, the odds say the Celts could quickly make themselves immediate favorites in the Eastern Conference. Then, thankfully, at least we’d have a four team league.

Finally, another possibility out there that may sway the odds, are the Miami Heat acquiring Utah Jazz standout Gordon Hayward. Blake Griffin’s name has also mentioned with possible Heat ties, but Hayward would have the most immediate impact in making this team a contender. His All-Star season awarded 21.9 points per game last season and .471 field goal percentage helped get the Jazz to the playoffs, while his 24.1 PPG helped them advance to the second round. He’ll be looking to get paid and Miami should have the capital. His addition could be a perfect fit.

If none of these scenarios take place, we could be in for yet another Groundhog Day in the Association. An unprecedented fourth rematch of the Warriors and Cavs would surely draw yawns from the fans, but as we mentioned, the league may not be as unpleased. In an era where cash is king, whether it be ads on jerseys, shoe deals or repetitive rivalries, whatever brings in the dollars is all that matters.