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NBA medical ruling agrees with Heat, affirms Bosh has career-ending illness

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Miami’s cap space will be restored once they officially waive Chris Bosh.

NBA: Miami Heat at Phoenix Suns Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

In a ruling that further helps add clarity to the Miami Heat’s salary cap projection entering what is expected to be a busy offseason, an NBA medical review has reportedly sided with the franchise and agreed that Chris Bosh has indeed suffered a career-ending illness.

Earlier this week, both sides had struck a tentative agreement in which Chris Bosh would be let go without the risk of the Heat suffering any potential future salary cap complications should he ultimately seek to make a comeback.

Back on Feb. 9, the Heat could have sought to apply for salary cap relief from Bosh’s contract after the one-year anniversary of his last NBA game prior to being sidelined for a second consecutive season due to blood clots. But under the terms of the expiring collective bargaining agreement, Bosh’s contract could have returned to Miami’s books if he played more than 25 games with another NBA team.

Under the terms of the new CBA that will go into effect on July 1, a medical panel will make rulings on a player’s health but the Sun-Sentinel is reporting that an individual doctor reviewed Bosh’s case. The 11-time All-Star did not play in the 2016-17 season after team doctors ruled him out prior to training camp, but has maintained he can return to play basketball while treating his condition.

Bosh is guaranteed $52 million over the final two years of the NBA maximum contract he signed in 2014, though most of it is covered by insurance. The Heat are now projected to have roughly $37 million in cap space to be utilized for trades and free agent signings.