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Heat select Bam Adebayo with 14th pick

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Miami may have looked to replace impending free agent Willie Reed.

NBA: Draft Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

And the newest member of the Miami Heat is Bam Adebayo from Kentucky.

The Heat may have taken the Kentucky big man with the intention of replacing Willie Reed, as I discussed earlier today.

Some of the initial reaction to Miami’s pick was negative. Why pass up on a shooter like UCLA’s TJ Leaf or UNC’s Justin Jackson? Adebayo is a smaller, worse version of Hassan Whiteside, the thinking went.

But on the other hand, Miami “would love” to bring James Johnson back. If the Heat plan on having Johnson and Justise Winslow take up the bulk of the minutes at the forward positions, why not fill a potential need and get a backup for Whiteside? If Miami’s cap space goes to Johnson and Dion Waiters, Reed will likely leave. Besides, if Adebayo has a respectable jump-shot, all these takes will look misguided.