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Oddsmakers weigh in on Heat’s chances of signing Hayward, Griffin, or Ibaka

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So what exactly are the Heat’s odds of snagging a whale in free agency?

NBA: Toronto Raptors at Miami Heat Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Soon all the rumors, anonymous reports, conjecture and speculation will give way to the reality that is the start of NBA free agency on July 1. Once the clock strikes midnight, teams will be free to begin making their official pitches to free agents in the hopes that they will sign on the dotted line. Gordon Hayward will be taking his first meeting with the Miami Heat on Saturday, but there will be other free agent targets while also keeping an eye on what offers James Johnson and Dion Waiters will be fielding around the NBA.

With so much up in the air, Bovada’s oddsmakers are trying to make sense of it all. The Heat are currently facing 100/1 odds of being crowned NBA champions next season, but will that change significantly if they hit a home run in free agency — or strike out?

With regards to free agency, Bovada has released a list of “NBA Special Props” that might be of interest to Heat Nation:

What team will Blake Griffin sign his next contract with?

Los Angeles Clippers 5/7

Miami Heat 3/1

Boston Celtics 7/2

Oklahoma City Thunder 9/2

What team will Gordon Hayward sign his next contract with?

Boston Celtics 10/11

Utah Jazz 3/2

Miami Heat 12/5

What team will Serge Ibaka sign his next contract with?

Toronto Raptors 5/6

Atlanta Hawks 2/1

Miami Heat 2/1

What team will Kyle Lowry sign his next contract with?

Toronto Raptors 5/6

Minnesota Timberwolves 5/2

San Antonio Spurs 10/3

Chicago Bulls 11/2

What team will Paul Millsap sign his next contract with?

Denver Nuggets 4/5

Phoenix Suns 3/2

Atlanta Hawks 7/2

Sacramento Kings 5/1