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HHH Miami Heat Podcast is back - Recapping a busy offseason, possible Wade return and more

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We discuss the latest news and rumors about the Heat on a new Hot Hot Hoops Podcast episode.

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Over the weekend, HHH Writer Binoj Jacob and HHH Editor-In-Chief Surya Fernandez talked about the 2017 Miami Heat offseason and what to expect and hope for next season!

Direct link to podcast on Soundcloud.

Here’s the breakdown:

1:00-2:18: How the Heat did in the 2017 offseason

2:18-3:40: Outside criticism of Pat Riley

3:40-5:00 : Win-loss projection for the Heat next season.

5:00-5:43: Starting at power forward: James Johnson or Kelly Olynyk?

5:43-7:07: The play and potential of Bam Adabeyo

7:07-9:18: The possible return of Dwyane Wade

9:18-10:15: The contract boom of Tyler Johnson and Josh Richardson

10:15-12:25: The legacy of Chris Bosh

12:25-17:00: Will the ‘Banana Boat Boys’ come to Miami in 2018?

17:00-18:15: Conclusion and wrap up.

Personally, I tune out when I see a podcast being an hour long. I prefer straight to the point while also being entertaining. So hopefully Surya and I were able to deliver that in under 20 minutes. Yes we will be doing more as time goes on, so please provide feedback on how we did! Thanks for listening.