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Goran Dragic weighs in on him dunking more than Dwyane Wade

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Dragic answers his dunking question with a bet on Wade and new tongue-in-cheek twitter profile picture.

Cleveland Cavaliers v Miami Heat Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Between Goran Dragic and Dwyane Wade, who is the better dunker? Goran gave his final answer to this question, “@DwyaneWade will you or @Goran_Dragic have more dunks this year?”

I would bet on @Dwyane Wade!!! #theolderthebetter #ComoElVino

As proof Dragic provides a video clip of his failed attempt at finishing above the rim in a Miami Heat uniform.

And a new twitter profile picture.

In his younger days, given a clear path, Goran dunked with both hands: no windmill jams for him, thank you very much.