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Get your collectible Miami Heat jerseys before supplies run out

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With a new supplier of NBA apparel coming this fall, the window of opportunity for last season’s collection will close shortly.

Philadelphia 76ers v Miami Heat Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Once Nike becomes the official vendor of NBA apparel in October, the previous jerseys of your favorite Miami Heat players, supplied by Adidas, will be available only in limited quantities. Fans wanting a complete collection of Heat jerseys need to act fast, so as not to miss out.

Only a little over two months remain before collectors can buy the uniforms they desire from last season’s miracle team at official Miami Heat retail locations. For this season, Bam Adebayo’s Adidas jersey, won’t be available much longer before the Nike replaces it with their own version. Or the Kelly Olynyk jersey.

The new uniforms aren’t in yet, but comparing the old design with the new one will lead to debates on which are the favorites.

The home whites, military theme, traditional red, elegant black, Christmas style, etc. from past years won’t be manufactured any more in their original form. If you like them, get them while you can, before supplies run out.

The same applies to fans of all NBA teams, who collect and proudly wear jerseys of their favorite players. Once Christmas rolls around, fans may realize they rather receive gifts of the older jerseys.

Or they could prefer the ones. People may only find out after it’s too late, i.e. when prices of the real official jerseys become very expensive in the aftermarket.