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Tyler Johnson puts his Miami estate up for sale at $5.25 million

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Last summer Tyler Johnson established roots in Miami, this season circumstances force him to find another place to live.

Brooklyn Nets v Miami Heat Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

After just a little over a year in Pinecrest, Miami Heat’s Tyler Johnson will be moving into another home.

An article titled, “Miami Heat’s Tyler Johnson Lists Home for $5.25 Million,” writes,

The player bought the house, in Pinecrest, Fla., for $4.82 million last August

Sports run in the family for Miami Heat guard Tyler Johnson.

When the NBA player and his fiancée, Ashley Fletcher, bought a roughly 12,000-square-foot, Miami-area home last year, they planned to have his mother and younger brother move in with them.

An article titled, “Why Bay Area high school basketball star chooses to stay,” explains Logan’s situation in more detail.

Logan Johnson was set to move to South Florida, to be near his brother, Miami Heat guard Tyler Johnson.

But those plans have changed.

The soon-to-be St. Francis senior, as he hinted last month, has made it official: He is staying for his final season at the Mountain View school, concluding that playing with a young crop of talented teammates who gained experience last season and under coach Mike Motil was the best option.

Best wishes to Logan with his basketball aspirations, and hope we hear good news about him next year.

Last summer TJ and Hassan Whiteside bought their luxurious digs after signing generous contracts with the Heat. Since then, Tyler and his teammates are hard at work determined to exceed the low expectations set by SportsLine, which expects the Heat to win less games than last season.

SportsLine 2017-18 forecast: 38.8 wins (No. 9 East seed; 51.1 pct. chance at playoffs)

Coming back from a terrible start is being sold as a sign of progress, which seems dubious. They locked up non-elite, borderline-impact players to four-year deals.