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Riley, Spoelstra recruit Waiters in LA

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The Miami Herald’s Barry Jackson said that both Dion Waiters and James Johnson have strong internal support.

NBA: Charlotte Hornets at Miami Heat Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Just a day ago, it may have seemed like Dion Waiters would not return to the Miami Heat. Free agent James Johnson was a part of a Heat contingent meeting with Gordon Hayward, and Waiters already had talked to representatives from other teams.

But the Heat aren’t giving up anything to chance. According to the Sun-Sentinel’s Ira Winderman and the Miami Herald’s Barry Jackson, Pat Riley and Erik Spoelstra flew to Los Angeles to meet with Waiters Sunday.

Jackson said that Riley and Spoelstra want to show Waiters that they’re still interested in keeping him. He also said that if Hayward signs with Miami, it would likely only leave the Heat with room to sign Johnson or Waiters.

If the Heat must choose between James Johnson and Waiters in that Hayward-signing-with-Miami scenario, it would be viewed as a very difficult decision, with the possibility of Miami presenting offers to both players and see who takes it. Both have strong internal support.

Heat make big impression on Hayward

A source close to Hayward told Jackson that the Heat made a strong impression in their meeting Saturday. ESPN’s Amin Elhassan said that Spoelstra was particularly impressive in the meeting, noting how Hayward would fit in to the Heat system.