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Miami Heat’s NBA 2K18 player ratings watch is on the clock

Some NBA players posted their displeasure with their initial NBA 2K18 ratings on twitter

NBA: Charlotte Hornets at Miami Heat Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Joel Embiid was not happy with his NBA 2K18 player rating of 86, he thought he deserved a 95 rating. This ratings tracker keeps a tab on some way-too-early figures. The numbers seldom agree with the player’s self-assessment.

The Miami Heat 2K18 ratings haven’t been released yet to gauge what NBA 2K18 thinks of the Heat V2.0 this season. The average ratings compared to other teams should lead to spirited debate on the prospects of the Heat going forward.

The ratings from previous seasons are listed below for most of the players on the team so far. Luke Babbitt hasn’t been resigned yet. Bam Adebayo has no NBA experience. Rodney McGruder, Okaro White weren’t listed, and new addition A.J. Hammons received a rating of 69.

Miami Heat 2K17

PLAYER 2K17 2K16 2K15 2K14
PLAYER 2K17 2K16 2K15 2K14
Whiteside 85 81 59 59
Dragic 78 81 84 78
Winslow 77 74
Olynyk 76 74 74 62
Johnson, T. 75 73 68
Richardson 75 66
Waiters 73 73 78 75
Johnson, J. 72 75 70 66
Ellington 72 70 71 64
Haslem 70 71 72 70
AVERAGE 75 74 72 68

In a Milwaukee Bucks blog post, Projecting the roster’s rankings for NBA 2K18, the author gives his take on what the player rankings will be for each member of the team.

Breaking down the numbers further, comparing the total scores of the starting 5 for each team in the East, gives an idea of the quality of Miami’s starters versus the competion. A starting five of Hassan Whiteside, James Johnson, Justise Winslow, Dion Waiters, and Goran Dragic had a NBA 2K17 total of 385 points (average of 77). What will be their sum in the upcoming NBA 2K18 edition? And how does that numbers rank versus other starters in the Eastern Conference?

Will any other Heat player besides Whiteside, go above 80, and will his rating change this season? The combined score for the 7-11 backcourt duo fell from 162 to 151 over the last three editions. Will they get their NBA 2K18 ratings up this season into All-Star territory?