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Justise Winslow: “I want to be a force of nature in transition.”

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Standing in the corner waiting for a pass isn’t in Justise’s plans this season.

Miami Heat v Orlando Magic Photo by Manuela Davies/Getty Images

Justise Winslow gave an interview on his and the Miami Heat’s ambitious plans for next season. Settling for less than a championship isn’t part of it.

We’re going for it all. Every year we’re trying to win a championship. Even last year that was the goal. The goal remains the same. It’s championship or not.

Talking about his focus on bringing his game to the next level, he says,

I want to be a force of nature in transition. We have a young team, so we’ll be trying to get up and down. Whether it’s getting the rebound and pushing, or getting the rebound and kicking it to someone in space, being able to hit Hassan [Whiteside] on the lob, I want to go out there and make winning plays for my team.

Winslow liked what he saw last season. He wants to carry over the success from Jan. 17 on to this one. He’s hinting at bigger ball-handling role for himself, once he’s back to 100% physically.

The Heat had forwards Okaro White and Bam Adebayo bring the rock up the court in Summer League. The addition of 7-foot Kelly Olynyk’s tight handle gives Miami another tall player to initiate sets. With James Johnson breaking out of his box, the mantra of “positionless” basketball, in the style of the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers, is set to become Miami’s standard operating procedure.

People noticed that in the NBA Finals neither team used a traditional center to protect the paint (Tristan Thompson saw limited minutes). Willie Reed getting such a putrid contract with the Los Angeles Clippers shows how the market for bigs in the NBA has dried up this year.

As Winslow says, he’s not working on fixing a “broken” shot, but on improving his over-all game.

I’ve been doing pretty much everything. I think last year I was showing I could do a little bit of everything. I could post up, I could hit the pull-up jumper, I could hit the open three before I hurt my wrist and shoulder.

Erik Spoelstra has a plan this year. That’s why Pat Riley built a team with only two players over 30 years old this time around. In the best case scenario, the results may prove the many Miami Heat doubters wrong.