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Kyrie Irving wants a trade: Miami a preferred destination

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Deja vu, Kyrie Irving may be the pawn between a James, Gilbert spat, with the Heat in the middle again.

NBA: Miami Heat at Cleveland Cavaliers Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Haynes reports that the Miami Heat is one of the four locations Kyrie Irving would consider as a landing spot in a trade to escape Cleveland.

LeBron James won’t play the David Griffin role for the franchise, and will let owner Dan Gilbert deal with the situation as he sees fit.

Bleacher Reports in the article, ”Kyrie Irving Trade Rumors: Cavaliers Star Reportedly Asked Team to Deal Him,” writes,

Kyrie Irving's days with the Cleveland Cavaliers could be numbered if the All-Star point guard gets his wish.

Per ESPN's Brian Windhorst, in a meeting that took place last week, Irving asked the Cavaliers to trade him. TNT's David Aldridge confirmed Irving's request.

Windhorst noted that Irving expressed to Cavs owner Dan Gilbert that "he wants to go play in a situation where he can be a more focal point and no longer wants to play alongside LeBron James."

The report adds that James "was informed of Irving's request and was blindsided and disappointed."

The assets Pat Riley talks about become valuable with each passing day. Note, none of the players signed as free agents this summer can be traded before Dec. 15, per league rules. As part of an Irving deal, the Cavs may demand veteran talent for players on rookie and expiring deals.

Richard Jefferson (37), Channing Frye (34), J.R. Smith (31) may have to be included in a package with Kyrie for a trade. On his part, Dan Gilbert could be tiring of the LeBron James dramatics show and paying vast amounts of luxury taxes for the privilege of having him in Cleveland. As in Miami, James may have worn out his welcome.

Depending on what the Heat are willing to offer, Miami might wind up becoming the favorites to win the Eastern Conference crown. With Irving on board, the Heat would give Gordon Hayward and the Boston Celtics a run for the money. How bizarre would it be if Miami missed on Hayward and got Kyrie Irving as a consolation prize?

Irving graces the cover of NBA 2K18, so having him in a Heat uniform would have tremendous publicity value for the team. He’s no Chris Bosh, according to Windhorst.

When Irving signed his deal, he expected to be the franchise player for the foreseeable future. But about two weeks later, James arrived from Miami. The sudden change of situation rocked Irving, and he has vacillated at times over the past three years about working as a secondary star to James and the original plan of having his own team.