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Miami Heat’s Summer League standout Gian Clavell signs with Dallas Mavericks

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The Kyrie Irving drama distracts the Heat’s attention away from stocking their training camp roster with future talent.

NBA: Summer League-Miami Heat at Memphis Grizzlies Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Jake Odum went to Turkey and Eric Mika joined an Italian pro team. Gian Clavell signed a deal with the Dallas Mavericks. Slowly but surely prospects from the Miami Heat Summer League team are being snatched away during the Kyrie Irving drama.

Dan will be Dan. Dan Gilbert doesn’t have to make sense or do what’s best for Miami, which might end up being played by divulging too much information about its future plans to the Cleveland Cavaliers. However the Irving saga ends up, the Heat have business to do putting together its training camp roster.

Adam Johnson, from 2Ways10Days further clarified Clavell’s contract.

Training camp can have up to twenty players or “bodies” competing for a place on the 15-person regular season roster by opening day. Should tradable players be sent to another team for an All-Star in return, an open roster spot may become available for a promising camp invitee to fill.

What is Exhibit 10?

As usual, Larry Coon has the go-to answer.

If a standard NBA contract includes an attachment called Exhibit 10, the team receives the right to convert the contract to a Two-Way contract.

Turns out NBA teams don’t have to sign players directly to Two-Way deals. They can ink him to a partially-guaranteed contract with an Exhibit 10 clause, which later can become a Two-Way one. The Two-Way contracts (a limit of two per club) don’t count against the salary cap for the team.

The details for the Two-Way contract are a work in progress. Suffice it to say, players don’t become rich from them, which limits many of them from committing to that type of deal.

To get the best prospects committed for Miami’s training camp, before other teams poach them, time is of the essence. The Heat can lock up to six players at any one time for evaluation during training camp by using this attachment.

A team can have no more than six contacts that contain an Exhibit 10 in effect at any time.

A standard NBA contract with an Exhibit 10 that is converted to a Two-Way contract can later be converted back to a standard NBA contract.

If a Two-Way contract is converted to a standard NBA contract, the regular trade restriction exists for the first three months or until December 15, whichever is later

Exhibit 10 bonuses are not counted as Team Salary..., but they are included in league-wide total salaries.

So far 2Ways10Ways lists 25 players signed, officially and reported, to the new type of contract. Hassan Whiteside, James Johnson and Tyler Johnson stand as prime examples of G-League players who play important roles in the Heat Culture.

In addition to Clavell, Matt Williams made a favorable impression and, to a lesser extent, Zac Auguste, Justin Robinson, London Perrantes. RealGM printed Las Vegas stats for the Heat Summer League team. Besides those mentioned numerous other eligible prospects, from Summer League and elsewhere, remain as potential invites for training camp.

Accumulating as many assets as possible for future trades, subject to the regular trade restriction rule, makes putting a favorable deal together more promising for Miami. Getting Kyrie under advantageous circumstances to the Heat would be a coup, but if a deal doesn’t materialize, the Heat have many more options to make this season even better than the last one.

Historically training camp invitees have yielded a player or two for the Heat, who later on contributed to the team, at one point or another. The prospect(s) may not become an All-Star, but packaging several of them together may pry a disgruntled star player from a fed-up team.