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Justise Winslow on Kyrie Irving: “He's going to get traded.”

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Winslow would love being Irving’s teammate, but Dan Gilbert makes the final decision.

Cleveland Cavaliers v Miami Heat Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images

In an article by Ira Winderman, Justise Winslow gives a very thoughtful and wise perspective on fellow Duke alumni Kyrie Irving’s situation in Cleveland.

I'm good friends with Kyrie, but it's not really like free agency. Kyrie doesn't really have a huge say-so in where he goes. He's going to get traded. So a lot of it is not in his hands, but I would love to play with Kyrie.

I hope Winslow gets his wish, if the Miami Heat can work out a mutually agreeable deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Later on Justise says,

Some people don't agree; some people do agree. But for him, I know that he's been waiting for this moment to have his own team. I'm happy for him.

He's going to get the chance, hopefully, we'll see. Because I know it's something that he really wants.

When the rumors start about players switching teams, a lot of undeserved negative criticism surrounds the people involved. Whatever eventually happens, in a best case scenario fans in each city get players who are happy to be there, and perform before appreciative audiences.

Justise would love to finish his career here in Miami, and maybe even as a teammate of Kyrie’s. As Winslow points out, none of the players in the end have the final say about what transpires with other players under contract.

The future looks bright for the Miami Heat, whatever eventually happens in Cleveland. Pat Riley has done a masterful job in putting together a young team, which will be a contender for years to come.