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Shaq drops diss track, mentions Dwyane Wade and Pat Riley

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Shaq’s ongoing feud with Lavar Ball continues, this time in the form of diss track where he mentions Riley and Wade.

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Miami Heat Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It’s no secret that the Lavar Ball side show is out of control. Well, it reached another level recently as Shaquille O’Neal dropped a diss track directed at Lavar. The former Miami Heat center went out of his way to call out Lavar’s sub par basketball abilities while hyping himself up. Along the way he also fired shots at Pat Riley and DWade saying:

D-Wade ain’t tell me Pat Riley was gonna trade me

That ain't faze me, nothin' faze me

Jerry Maguire with this flow -- pay me

This obviously refers to his less than graceful exit from the Miami Heat in 2008.

To be honest his lyrics aren’t terrible, they’re actually kind of funny. This also isn’t the first time Shaq has rapped before. He was good friends with the Notorious BIG and released a few singles and an album in the early 90s.

If you’re curious, the full lyrics to the track are available in this .pdf courtesy of TMZ.