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Scouring the fringes: troubled Reggie Bullock possible reclamation project

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Stan Van Gundy considered Bullock the Detroit Pistons best shooter last season

Detroit Pistons v Cleveland Cavaliers - Game One

Putting a contending team together with a mix of good players and fringe players is Pat Riley’s next challenge. The Dion Waiters and James Johnson negotiations have been in the works for some time, only waiting for Plan B to get activated. The formal announcements should occur shortly. I suppose Riley is simultaneously actively exploring any possible trade options beneficial to Miami, because that’s what he does best.

Part of his staff’s due diligence is scouring the free agent list (including Summer League), to see ALL the possible alternatives to what’s available in house. Matching Miami’s cap space to the hundreds of choices, whether experienced NBA players, Summer Leaguers or International players, to find a few steals, will determine how far in the playoffs the Heat will go this season. We know who Miami has, but are there better available options out in the wild?

The troubled, sweet-shooting Reggie Bullock fills the role of a recently available NBA fringe player. Suspended 5 games for a violation of the NBA drug policy (hello Michael Beasley), Bullock is the Detroit Pistons’ best shooter, as Stan Van Gundy mentions at the 2:30 mark.

At 6’7” and 205 lb, the 26 year-old Bullock sported a 0.384 3PT% last season and 0.415% the year before. He averaged a 0.541 EF% in his 2 years as a Piston. These videos illustrate his smooth shooting stroke and play-making abilities.

Spoelstra’s known for getting players to adopt the vigorous demands the Miami Heat Culture demands of players. Bullock isn’t a perfect player by any means, in fact he personifies the definition of a fringe one. At the right price though, with solid shooting mechanics and in-his-prime age, he could serve as a solid bench player, imperfections and all.