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New Nike jersey for Miami Heat on Bam Adebayo’s NBA2K18 ratings tweet

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NBA2K18 gave Adebayo a 72 rating wearing the new Miami Heat jersey from Nike.

Bam Adebayo posted his NBA2K18 rating of 72 on twitter wearing the new jersey from Nike.

Here's my 2k rating! Dreams becoming a reality!

The Miami Heat have a great player and person in Bam, who will get his ratings up with points, rebounds, assists and blocks. Below he makes a trick shot wearing Nike’s version of Miami’s traditional black road uniform.

@MiamiHEAT rook @Bam1of1: Part-time long snapper

Scores for the rest of the Heat team will be coming out soon. Ronnie even solicits players to ask him for their screens/ratings.

34 additional NBA players have asked for their #NBA2K18 screen/rating already. Who else wants them? Ask your favorite!

Last August the average pre-season rating for a player in NBA2K17 was 74.8, i.e. about 75, with a minimum of 65 and maximum of 96.

Josh Richardson jumped from a 66 (2015) to a 75 (2016) rating in one season. James Johnson went from 66 (2013) to 72 (2016). When the complete NBA2K numbers for the Heat come out, we’ll see who Ronnie believes is the Most Improved Player in Miami this season.

Other NBA2K18 ratings for rookies include:

Lonzo Ball 80

Markelle Fultz 80

Josh Jackson 78

Jayson Tatum 77

Dennis Smith, Jr. 76

John Collins 73