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1996-97 Heat to be playable in NBA 2K18

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The Heat/Knicks rivalry burns again thanks to NBA 2K’s Classic Team Mode.

Tim Hardaway

NBA 2K18 will work to reignite the rivalry between Knicks and Heat fans with the inclusion of 96-97 Heat and 98 Knicks. Both teams will be part of 2K’s “Classic Teams”.

The 1996-1997 Heat were phenomenal. They finished the season 61-21, were coached by Pat Riley and were defensive juggernauts. The team’s best players were Heat legends, Tim Hardaway and Alonzo Mourning. Unfortunately they fell to Michael Jordan’s Bulls in the Eastern Conference Finals, but not before angering Knicks fans in the semis.

This Heat team will be part of 2K’s Classic Tournament, with all teams being revealed on August 25th.

It’s very cool to see this team being included in 2K18, if you’re curious about this season in Heat history here’s a small feature piece.